Shawnee Dream

The summer was hot and long and stressful and colder days are on their way; though it may be hard to believe. I'm drained from the amount of work I have done over the past few months and am ready for something new -- some good news. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be the season for it. 

I find myself missing my creative practice more and more and I've been looking for meaning in old photographs, stories, and memories. I went to my grandmother's house and we looked through old photographs of her family and I took some back to Nashville with me that I'll be using in upcoming projects. She lent me some incredible photographs of her father's Dahlias. His name was Arthur Simpson and he owned a nursery in Southern Illinois where he sold trees and flowers and created his own Dahlia varieties. He entered his best creations in local and national competitions where he won many awards. His love for his home was so present in his creations, many of which were titled "Shawnee" after Shawnee National forest. The Dahlia picture above is titled "Shawnee Dream" and was the winner of The Derrill W. Hart medal in 1973. I'm inspired by these dedications and look forward to honoring his and my love for our home in my work.

While I've been drawn to my home, I've also had the intense desire to go someplace totally new. I need some time to rest and create. I am in desperate need of it. I'm looking forward to this October when I'll be able to spend more time with my husband and with friends and of course some time creating.