Work in Progress

After a super productive day at work, I got home and suddenly felt like I hadn't done anything at all all day. I'm not sure why I had felt this way, though it apparently has something to do with being a lady and having low self-esteem. Anyway, sometimes you just need some pizza, some Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, some art making, and a little bit of wine.

I've been working on the double dutch quilt square I mentioned last week and now I'm in the final painting stages! I go over each square with a mixture of colored pencil and matte medium to create depth and also vibrance! 

Not having enough time in the day can feel tough, and I can't expect to finish every task I have on my long-term list in one day. Continuing to work on my organizational skills will help, as well as having some damn confidence in myself! 

Remember, YOU CAN DO IT!