Monday Muse: Lesley Patterson-Marx

Today's Monday Muse is an artist that I really admire who lives right here in Nashville, TN! Lesley Patterson-Marx is a visual artists who uses elements of printmaking, collage, textiles, and found objects to create her work.

The first time I saw her work, it was during my first month working for Watkins College of Art, Design & Film while installing our annual Handmade & Bound Nashville exhibition. The pieces I saw were tiny, little antique photographs with botanical elements painted on top, and they were mounted and framed in a shadowbox created from an old book. I was absolutely smitten!


Lesley's work feels nostalgic, intimate, and special not only because of the subject matter of her work, which often includes old photographs and book pages, but because of the size of her work. Most of her pieces you can hold in your hands, and that tactile nature of her work is very appealing to me. 


She has described being drawn to miniature objects in a short documentary of her work by Brian McHugh, " look at something like a miniature artwork or object is like entering a magic world or portal. I feel transformed creating something miniature."

On top of being an amazing artist, Lesley is also a really wonderful person! If you live in Nashville and have the chance to see her work or take a workshop with her I highly recommend it! 

Thank you for all of your inspiring work, Lesley!


PS- I find Lesley's work so inspiring that I actually accidentally kind of copied her work! In preparation for this blog post, I was looking through her website and Instagram and came across this photo that I liked of hers from 14 weeks ago... I'm so sorry Lesley! Please forgive me! <3