Work & Artwork

I am SO excited to have started my (second) first week as Interim Director at work and I feel that I am handling all of the responsibilities pretty well! I'm alone in the office and we're planning the summer catalog, but I'm thankful for the transparency and hard work of the previous director who completed as much as she could before she left. Thankfully the schedule was completed while she was still in the office so now I just have to complete the catalog with our designer, which is actually a lot of fun! But there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. I decided to bring the catalog home tonight, and my current in-progress collage seemed to be staring right at me, so I had to move off of my desk so that I could focus. After completing my "home-work" I was happy to finally resume working on my artwork! 

I found a new pattern that I'm experimenting called "Double Dutch" which consists of half-triangle squares which make up a large star. This pattern requires lots and lots of tiny triangles. I cut enough of them to complete one block and I look forward to begin gluing down the pieces! Side note: Do pink cutting mats exist? Oh my goodness, they do... I really feel like I need one.

It's hard to balance work and personal projects, and I hope that I don't make bringing this much work home a habit, especially since I have so many exciting projects on the horizon!