Monday Muse: Red Nails

This week's Monday Muse features some amazing red fingernails. Inspired by gorgeous almond shaped nails featured in old movies and magazine ads, I have always loved and wanted long, beautiful, glamorous nails. 

Beauty trends really interest me and that includes trends in nail care. Fully painted nails weren't popular until the late 1940s when Rita Hayworth popularized bold, red, almond shaped nails. This trend in nail care was very accessible for everyday women because it no longer required tedious painting techniques.

Cutex and Revlon have some fabulous vintage advertisements featuring very lovely red, almond shaped nails. There is something about those red nails that just pop off of the page, especially in advertisements where red is the only color featured. My favorite is the Revlon advertisement featured below with the tagline, "Don't let her slip through your fingers..."

While I had always wanted long, red nails I had a horrible nail-biting habit. I had tried to quit many times thoughout my life, but could never kick it! But I think I've finally quit! I started giving myself weekly manicures on Sunday afternoons and it was has not only become one of my favorite self-love rituals, it has also helped me quit my nail-biting habit!

So if you ever need a little pick-me-up, I recommend giving yourself a manicure and some lovely red nails. What rituals do you have for your beautuy regimen?