Pin-Ups and Pink Ladies

As an artist I have always wanted to discuss my process a little bit more with others, so I am very excited to add a blog to my website!

My work is inspired by many things including drag culture, musical theater, and mid-century pinups and advertising. In these art forms women are often portrayed as two-dimensional characters. I'm intersted in taking these art forms back as a woman and use it as a tool to empower myself and others to feel sexy, feminine, and confident. 

All of the things that inspire me can sometimes get jumbled up in my brain, so there are times when creating work can be a struggle for me. My insecurities trip me up. Half way through a piece I will decide that it isn't worth it to finish because no one will like it. Sometimes ideas in my head never even reach the paper. I'm too afraid to commit. 

Letting the inspiration flow through me and letting go of my inhibitions can be difficult, but I look forward to sharing my work and my process.