Pin-Up Prints!

This year I have been participating a little bit in the Free Art Movement here in Nashville! It's a ton of fun, good "art karma," and I genuinely enjoy creating work for it. The thing that has surprised me most is that people like my pieces and are excited to find them, especially since I never would have thought anyone would appreciate my sassy little sketches.

The pieces that I put out in the Free Art Movement aren't the types of pieces that I would usually finish becuase they don't always have a lot to do with my larger scale paintings. They stay as sketches in my sketchbook and never see the light of day. Being able to finish them and have people view and enjoy them has been incredibly inspiring. I've stopped fretting about wether or not the message in my work is hard-hitting and sophisticated, and have remembered that there is value in humor and joy. 

Now these pieces are influencing my larger paintings! I've got some ideas for some fun things that bridge the gap between what I think I should do and what I actually enjoy doing. That seems like something that should come naturally, but my insecurities often get in the way. I'm slowly learning how to trust my creative vision and it feels wonderful.

If you want a little piece of joy in your home, I now have a few prints of my Free Art Movement Nashville pin-ups available on my Esty page!