Monday Muse: White Christmas

For this week's Monday Muse I decided to get in the Christmas spirit and feature one of my all time favorites-- White Christmas! With the show within a show theme, this movie's got it all! It has elaborate dance numbers with dazzling colors and costumes, classic songs, romance, WWII nostalgia, and Christmas! 

The thing that really inspires me about this film are its colors. I'm not well versed in filming techniques or how color films are processed, but the way the colors don't quite match up on film makes the costumes (created by legendary designer Edith Head!) and sets saturated and surreal. You see an overlap or outline of blue in some frames, especially in Bing Crosby's eyes.

The costumes are truly gorgeous and so are the sets! In "Mandy" and "Choreography" we see some amazing sets that are seriously saturated in color and over the top in style.

And in "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" we see one of my favorite color schemes: Pink, White, Black, and Gold! And oh, that dress... The dress is everything!

I've already watched this movie once this season, but now I think I might watch it again! This film has some stunning, strange, and playful imagery that has me inspired to paint! 

Merry Christmas!