Monday Muse: Singin' in the Rain

A movie set in the twenties made in the fifties? Yes please! Singin' in the Rain is one of my favorite films filled with stunning imagery. The fashion and costumes in this movie are glamorous and colorful, and the characters and songs are over the top and tons of fun! As a child this was one of those films that I watched and I just wanted jump inside the television and wear these amazing costumes.

The film is also just full of catchy and wonderful songs! My favorite of course is "Good Mornin'," though I never sing that song in the morning (not a morning person), but I do love to sing it when I get a sudden burst of energy, usually after my first cup of coffee around 10:30am.

Another favorite song of mine in this film is "All I Do Is Dream of You" where we see Kathy Seldon sing and dance and look adorable, while also embarrassing herself in front of suave silent film actor Don Lockwood (what a name!). 

One of my absolute favorite things about the movie is the comedic genius that is Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont. Her performance in this movie helped inspire my first dream of being an actress and comedian (I love being a ham and making people laugh). Hagen is completely unrestrained in this performance and completely commits as the vapid, high pitched Lina-- and she looks absolutely fabulous while doing it!

This film is jam packed with incredible, luxurious, and saturated imagery. The movie within a movie concept also gives them opportunities to include some period clothing (seen above) and they also dedicate entire sequences to conceptual art and dance numbers. 

The ballet "Gotta Dance" is the most iconic of these sequences, featuring emerald clad dance goddess Cyd Charisse. The set in this sequence is partiularly inspirational to me-- a blend of two dimensional whimsy and three dimensional set pieces and props. 
While I love the "Gotta Dance" sequence, my favorite is "Beautiful Girl" which showcases the most glamorous styles of the 1920s. The models pictured in the sequence are holding their poses for multiple minutes and I am in awe of their skill every time I watch. I have always dreamed of wearing each outfit, but I think my favorite is the red flapper dress... then again I do love that purple dress... and the gown with those sleeves... I guess they all tie for first. 

If you had to choose one of these fabulous outfits, which would one would you rock?

Have you noticed a trend in my Monday Muses? I promise I'll do one that isn't about a film soon!