Monday Muse: Miss Van

I couldn't go another week without featuring this artist as a Monday Muse! Miss Van has been my art crush since I was 16-years-old. We were doing an altered book project in art class when I first glimpsed her work. My friend had this picture (featured below) on one of the pages of her book. I was instantly in love. I already had an interest in rabbits and their dual symbolism in western culture, since rabbits symbolize both innocence and sexuality. For me, the rabbit symbolizes the expectations that women face-- we are expected to be both innocent and sexual. Miss Van's work brought this concept to life for me. Her work was the first that I had seen that really inspired me and made me want to be an artist.

Miss Van began street painting in France and helped introduce a new movement of female artists and feminine subject matter in street art. Her work is sexual, feminine, and empowering. Her women are strong and fearless! I admired her so much that I used to dream of painting on the walls of buildings in my hometown. I once packed a bag to go paint a telephone pole at the end of my street, but chickened out at the last minute. I painted the wall in my own room instead. 

Her work continues to evolve which is incredibly isnpiring! Themes of anonymity, identity, and persona are prevelant in her work where her subjects wear masks and even hair to cover their heads and faces. Their hidden identities add an air of mystery to each piece. I had the below painting printed out and pasted on the front of my sketchbook my senior year of college!

Her work continues to influence me, and I am forever thankful to her for inspiring me to be true to myself when creating my work! Check out more of Miss Van's work on her website and make sure to follow her on Instagram! Her in-progress shots are to die for! 

Come to Nashville and do a wall-painting, Miss Van! It would make my dreams come true!