Monday Muse: Mary Blair

Today's Monday Muse is the amazing, inspiring Mary Blair. Her work helped define Disney's style during its Golden Years with concept art for films like Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty. She broke the glass ceiling for female animators and illustrators in a time when women weren't even allowed inside of the animators' building at Walt Disney Animation Studios!  Her concept art is enchanting and whimsical and totally swoon-worthy. It'll have you asking yourself "So This is Love?".

Mary Blair's title at Disney was Color Stylist. Her eye for color made the films she worked on at Disney absolutely iconic! Remember my first Monday Muse when I featured Disney title stills and talked about the signature style of the 1950s captured in the film Cinderella? The color and styling within that film was designed by Mary Blair! You can see that here in her incredible concept art for Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. 

But her work for Peter Pan might be my favorite. Her child-like style and forms pair well with the story about the boy that never grew up, and her limited color pallet helped create a stark comparison between dreary London and the wild and dangerous world of Neverland.

You can see that contrast clearly in her concept art for the Mermaid Lagoon. Her mermaids are possibly my absolute favorite part of her Peter Pan concept art! The sweet, sassy, colorful little nymphs are absolutely delightful! The pink and purple hues she uses creates a magical little world that I wish I could live in! 

And just when you thought the artwork of Mary Blair couldn't be more iconic, you see that she created the concept art and murals for "It's a Small World"! 

The colorful and vibrant artwork of Mary Blair is the perfect cure for this (or any) cold and dreary day! Her work inspires us all to embrace our own spirit of child-like joy and curiosity! Learn more about her life and work at!

Now go home and create something lovely and colorful!