Monday Muse: Disney Title Stills

Welcome to "Monday Muse" a little weekly post where I'll share something I love that also influences my artwork. I thought for a while about what my first Monday Muse would be and decided to start with something that I've loved since childhood. This week's Monday Muse is Disney Movie Title Stills.

I've always loved movie title stills-- specifically the ones for Disney animated films. They are some of the first art images that I stored in my mental vault of things that I love. These hand drawn letters give the viewer so much information about the style of the film and symbolize the excitement and anticipation of the viewer before a film begins.

Most of the title stills I have featured below are signiture of their time, specifically the still from Cinderella. I am so inspired by mid-century style (have you ever noticed I put pink bows on everything?) and Cinderella embodies that more than any other animated Disney film of that era.

I hope you've enjoyed this Monday Muse! What are you musing about today?