Monday Muse: Amaranthus Paper & Flora

This week's Monday Muse features the gorgeous, colorful, and meticulously crafted work of a friend of mine Meredith Eastburn of Amaranthus Paper & Flora. Meredith and her mother, Cherie create beautiful floral arrangements made from paper! 

Their stunning arrangements can brighten any day and their Instagram account is a beacon of inspiration for me. I look forward to seeing their daily posts which are one part craft, one part gorgeous flowers, and one part inspirational poster! You can follow them on Instagram at@amaranthuspaperflora and you won't be disappointed!

I love live flowers and grew up watching and helping my grandmother in her garden, so I appreciate that Meredith and Cherie can capture the joy and beauty of live flowers in an art from that is very tactile. The color and flower combinations, as well as the incredible attention to detail make these tiny little works of art absolute showstoppers!

Each bloom is lovingly crafted from crepe paper one petal at a time. You can see that in behind the scenes Instagram posts they share (pictured below).  Their process is inspires me because I find joy in the repetitive nature of preparing materials for a project. It's like when you start a puzzle and need to sort out all of the pieces before you start to put it together, and I like that sort of thing. I'm also inspired by their use of color and the shapes that they can create from something as simple as crepe paper!

These flowers are not only beautiful works of art that last forever, they are also a great alternative to live flowers for hospital patients with high infection risk. Meredith and Cherie have a giving initiative called "Flora Good Cause" (very cute!) where they donate bouquets to patients through Ronald McDonald House Charities of Atlanta. You can read more about donations on their website.

So, do you want to see Amaranthus Paper & Flora bouquets in person? Well, you're in luck! They're in Nashville this weekend at the Studio Be Valentine's Day Market!  Come see the most lovely and whimsical artist booth you'll ever see! 

Want to learn more about Amaranthus Paper & Flora? Check out their website at and enjoy these lovely little paper flowers!