Hope & Flowers

I have felt deflated this past week because of all of the negativity that seems to be lurking in our world right now, especially in our online communities. I have tried to give myself a break from things like Facebook, but I'm always drawn back in.

To jumpstart some thoughts of positivity I decided to create a little piece featuring words from a video I saw of a father speaking with his child about the attacks in Paris and around the world. If you haven't seen this video you should watch it. It's a nice reminder that fear cannot rule our lives and that little acts of kindness are more important than they might seem. 

I hope that instead of contributing to the firestorm of negativity on social media we all decide to shine a little light in the world. If you see someone needs help, extend your hand. Donate to a charity that you care about; maybe one that helps the homeless, helps orphans, or new mothers. Be kind and decent to other human beings, even if they dress differently or hold different religious beliefs. Make others feel comfortable and safe. 

I'm glad that I created this little piece. I thought about giving it away this weekend, but I decided that I needed it in my home a little bit longer. Maybe now I feel ready to pass its message along.