Drawing & Writing

After a nice Thanksgiving weekend with family I'm back in Nashville and getting back into the swing of things. But even though it's not even cold yet I feel like I'm ready to hibernate for the winter. After a long year that has made me feel my full range of emotions, I am ready to rest and enjoy working on personal projects.

Working in my sketchbook on a daily basis has been a recent goal of mine. Too many times I've had ideas that I didn't have courage to put to paper. I'm trying to force myself to express my ideas. Who am I afraid of? 

Working in my sketchbook more frequently has helped me notice what things are most important to me and my art-making. I am especially drawn to words and pithy phrases or titles. I've always liked these types of things-- the blurb you see on the back of a book, the title of the movie printed in its own special font, album covers and movie posters. Text in my work has been present since I first became intersted in creating art. I love it, so why not embrace it?

The pages of my sketchbook are now occupied by words that fill the pages, or drawings that also encorporate text. I'm enjoying my sketchbook for the first time in a long time, and it feels nice to be comfortable sharing my ideas again.