113th Secret Meeting of...

It's Friday the 13th and it's been a bit of a rough one. But it's not all bad news! I got my edition of Ryan Heshka's "Mean Girls Club" in the mail the other day and am absolutely in love! During the 113th secret meetig of the Mean Girls Club, the girls tear up the town. It's clever, fun, violent, very pink and it gives a nod to vintage comic books and b-movies. It's the perfect read for Friday the 13th! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it again and again and even painted my nails hot pink to match!

In my favorite page girls hi-jack a truck carrying lingerie and take what they want. Then they throw a brick though the window of a boutique so that they can have some new clothes to match. 

You can order Mean Girls Club from Nobrow Press. You won't regret it.