Collaged Paper Quilt

On Monday night I finished the collaged paper quilt that I have been working on for a few weeks now! The entire process was pretty meticulous and took longer than I expected, but I am very happy with the results!

After finding some amazing loose pages from a vintage cookbook at Turnip Green Creative Reuse, I decided that I wanted to make a larger version of the small quilt squares that I had been making. I painted the pages and cut hundreds of tiny squares and triangles for this piece. I made a grid of my pattern and went to town gluing these little squares down!  

After completing the gluing process, I still felt that something was missing from the piece. I decided to add the illusion of quilting stitches with a colored pencil. After that was done I still felt that the piece lacked depth. I crushed some of the pigment from the colored pencil and mixed it in with matt medium. I went over each square with this mixture and was pleased to see that it not only added depth, but luminosity!

It is such an amazing feeling to look at a piece and feel that it is complete, but I had no idea what to title it! Everything I was coming up with was too clinical and only described how the piece was made, but not what it was about. I wanted this piece to feel warm and familiar and I could not figure out how to capture that in a title. I texted my sister to ask her advice and she responded back with, "Well, are you going for an actual people name or what?" 

I was immediately struck with inspiration! What if it were given a name, not a title. 

I decided to name the piece "Josephine" after my great-grandmother. I was never able to meet her, but her spirit is passed on through the love of my grandmother and my own mother. I might have never known her, but her recipes have been passed down to me and they remind me of home.

I thought it was fitting to name the piece after her, so I went back to my other quilt pieces and have renamed them after other female family members of mine to honor the care, dedication, and sacrifice they give to the ones that they love. 

I can't wait to make more pieces in honor of all the lovely, strong, amazing women in my family.