Monday Muse:Rita Hayworth

This week's Monday Muse features the lovely Rita Hayworth, more specifically her fabulous hair! You might remember in my post last week featuring vintage nail polish advertisements I mentioned Rita Hayworth. Her bold, red lip and nail color helped popularize these shades in everyday beauty trends. It wasn't just her nails and lips that were fabulously red, she also sported a gorgeous head of bright red hair.

I am absolutely enamored with her flaming locks! She sported a very signature finger wave at the top of her deep parted hairline, and the rest of her hair was full of voluptuous curls. She was often photographed laying down with her vibrant waves cascading down on luxurious blankets and pillows.

Her look often embraced the frizz that came with pin-curling which helped give her her signature look.

In my work I am really inspired by vintage hairstyles, and Rita Hayworth's hair color and overall shape of her signature 'do is pure perfection. Her vibrant hair color reminds me of the work of sign painter and visual artist, Shelby Rodeffer who did a series of red-headed "Mean Girls" a few years back. I look forward to talking more about Shelby's work in future posts! 

 You can follow Shelby on Instagram @Smelby! Love her style!

You can follow Shelby on Instagram @Smelby! Love her style!

There's just something about that red, bouncy hair! I mean, who can deny her fabulousness? 

Who's your hair inspiration?